Student Post (BUSE MEDIA HOUSE) aim is to break the information barriers and to ensure a smooth flow of information on all Buse Campuses through the BUSE CHRONICLE FORTNIGHT NEWSPAPER, BUSE FM online radio station (use of podcasts) and lastly the BUSE HALL OF FAME SEMESTER MAGAZINE which is released on the last day of the semester. We want to create an avenue where students’ views are aired without hindrances. To be a grape vine that stretches forth it’s arms in creating a platform for students to market their businesses, social issues and all information that we render genuine at the campus.

Nevertheless in this journey to voice out the concerns of the students, We as the Student Post do refuse to politically affiliate the to be strong vibrant media house, by staying clear of political parties and remaining indifferent to students’ political differences either on campus or in the mainstream of politics in Zimbabwe.


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