By Ebson M Munhumumwe

Whilst the majority of University Students in Zimbabwe where widely premeditating a review of the unfair fees hikes that were given by the institutions with some Governmental Varsities charging as much as ZWL$52 000 per semester which is far beyond the reach of the majority of the Zimbabweans , the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Science and Development Amon Murwira crushed these hopes during an interview on the Country’s National Television Broadcaster, ZBC in which he sarcastically said one cannot tell Samsung to sell their gadgets at his provided price but rather one can only negotiate and agree on paying for the gadget in a manner that suits him/her without any reduction of the price.

In simple terms the Minister was insisting that Students cannot call for a reduction of the Fees since it is the Government that owns these Institutions not the Students thus the Students can only negotiate on paying in a prolonged period rather than the reduction of the fees. The words of the Minister where a samurai sword slashing the already slender hopes on a fees review.

The Minister gave a very logical reason on why the Ministry chose to hike the fees even though his logic was not in touch with the reality on the ground. The Minister would have come up with a more reasonable fees review if only he had been given a small lecture on the Economics that are prevailing in the country currently especially the conditions for the Majority of the people. In a Country that has an informal sector that dominates the Economy with over 90% it would be torturous move against the majority who have been seriously injured by the Covid 19 lockdown that has been in the country since March 2020 to raise the fees to such alarming prices.

People are not against development but like what his Honorable ED Mnangagwa has always said, “THE ECONOMY CAN BE FIXED BUT HUMAN LIFE CAN NOT BE REGAINED ONCE LOST” the Minister Should know that Education is Life and once lost it can never be regained again. ZIMBABWEANS are a strong and resilient people, they’ll try their hard to cope with the situation but not all survived the Blitz thus not all shall be able to pay the fees and go on with their Education. THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN FORSAKEN AND ARE IN PAIN.

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