Covid 19 came in as a joke and suddenly all things changed. Everything went digital. From education to business meetings, everything just changed. The whole nation went on a total lockdown whereby even big companies where closed and others were working from home. Education resorted to e-learning meaning one was supposed to have either a laptop or a tablet or even a smartphone and internet access to the e-learning.

This was just a disadvantage to the less privileged and to those that are in the rural areas and can not afford these things. Because of all this, the education sector seem to have fell because e-learning is completely different from face to face learning. For a moment in October, everyone was hopeful when schools opened and the kids learnt till December.

They were supposed to re-open early January but no covid 19 did its wonders again. Those who did e-learning before continued with it but others had to just sit and wait for the better news. E-learning is not easily adjustable to because it’s something that was never taken serious of before. There is no enough resources for the students or even for the teachers or lecturers. There is need to provide the necessary equipment for one to conduct a lesson online and also for one to attend the online lesson.

In other institutions, the teachers or lecturers resorted to WhatsApp learning because it is cheaper than Zoom or Google meet but it is not reliable or accurate. A child cannot learn something just by listening to a WhatsApp voice note but children really need the teacher at hand. Currently children are back in school and we’re hoping that there is real progress there and everyone wants the best for their children and the nation at large.

Lockdown really took over a lot of lives as a lot of people lost their jobs during this period. Some organizations could no longer afford to pay people that where working from home and just decided to cut them off. This was and is still a disadvantage to a lot of people and their families because there are no job opportunities in the country and one has to provide for the family. Level 1 lockdown was very tight and a lot of people especially vendors suffered a lot because their lives depended on the daily gain of selling their few stuff but it was now hard since no one was allowed to move around.

Churches had to close, boarders were and are still closed, intercity travelling was not allowed in level 1 but now it is back, face masks have become compulsory, sanitization and checking of body temperatures is also a must and also physical and social distancing. This is becoming the new normal where we have to adjust to this type of living of always having our face masks on when we go out. Vaccination is here and people are getting vaccinated voluntarily. It is not by force.

We hope that this vaccination is the covid 19 breakthrough because I believe that people want their old lives back. Yes we might as well get used to the new normal but maybe we need to be precautions about the covid 19 for us to be able to earn back our old way of living.

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