By Malvern Dumbu

It goes without saying that we all want and wish to be amongst the best in our class and even our faculties as Students. The Glory that comes with being the best neglects to mention the hard work and sleepless nights one has to experience to be on top of the board. Prosper Phiri was one of the elite in 2020 to be awarded a first class degree in Bachelor of science Honors Degree in Peace and Governance and he has allowed us to flip every page of how he became among the top.

This being confounded by being also the first in his family of 4 Children to go to university and this to him is a standard set for those who follow after him. Whilst many of us do not have direction when we choose our programs it is different for Prosper as he responded in Confidence to the reason why he chose Peace and Governance _”People are living in negative peace in Africa so I chose Peace and Governance a program which blends politics and social work to bring sanity to the old practice of politics ” Prosper has the love of Africa at his heart and is a beacon to what African citizens could be.

The fountain of his motivation are his parents who worked hard to get him where he is now and he said ” Before I enrolled for Peace and Governance i promised my family that I will be the best and I honored my promise “_ indeed he is a man of his word who is driven by great ambitions and loves his family whom he did not disappoint. He also loves to expand his skills as indicated by the many coaching lessons he partook on different skills like leadership, political acumen and confidence.

Currently He is not employed but he is a volunteer at Plan International and he is a full time farmer which indicates how he is willing to go beyond his range to make a living. Not many of us can learn to practice what is not in reach of their degree so we salute this young man who never ceases to use any opportunity in life. He advised us BUSE students to join and participate in clubs as these activities create a dynamic mindset able to tackle real life situations.

He also emphasized that joining clubs and activities does not temper with your results “I was part of ICMF, Salam as well as SRC Secretary General and CAB President. But because, I worked hard and prayed harder and I was full of determination so I was strict with my education.” Indeed work hard and Pray harder these 2 attributes made this great man. Prosper advised us as students to embark on easy to acquire skills that can help us to become better than just a degree holder “There are many professional courses out there that can help students to become better in the industry ahead of them ” Be smart and be wise.

He also closed an interview by stating that “if the Senate, SRC, Student Affairs, lecturers and the Marketing staff at BUSE try to come up with such programs to help us with such skills it will be much accessible because some of us hatineyi nekutsvaga zvakawanda paNet so tinopfuurwa ne zvinhu zvakatikoshera.”

It has been delivered to you from the man who made it – choose your own path to greatness.

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