We greet you all in the name of forwardness and unity, we do understand the pains and tortures that the new fees has been causing to all the Students that is including us to as the SRC no wonder why we have been working around the clock to make sure that every student gets the chance to stay on at the Institution.

In good faith, we negotiated with the Administration to move the registration window further to the end of the month and even to those who will fail to register by that date they’ll still have a chance to register later on if they take their problems to the Student Affairs Department in time. Be notified however that even though there is a frenzy about the registration window going about we have not given up on the fees reduction negotiations with the Administration.

The tuition fee is beyond our control though because it’s given by the government and it would be more of losing game to try and go for its reduction that’s why we’re working on the reduction of the Ancillary fee which is given by the Administration. There are certain ancillary fees that many students have been querying about like the Sports fee, Lab fee, Bus fee and Medical Aid fee.

On the fore-mentioned fees there are certain activities that go about at the Institution like doing Experiments, traveling by bus to Harare by some students, going to sporting events and medical attention for the sick that cannot be ignored by the University. These amounts are as high as they are due to our Economic standing as a Country and the Institution can only do little to relieve us of the pressures thus it was agreed to open registration before those who would have paid half of the fees instead of full payment.

By now you all know that we’re making great strides in our bid to ensure that we get a lesser Medical aid fee as we took CIMAS Medical Aid Assurance company aboard who charge more affordable fees for their services so the fees will hopefully be reviewed.

We hope that we have cleared the air on this issue, the Administration’s argument for the amount given is that they’re trying to develop our University so that it can suit international standards and be able to offer better services for you all and that’s all we had for you and don’t be reluctant on following WHO guidelines against Covid 19, protect yourselves Covid kills.

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