In light of the fact that that there are problems concerning the drainage and water that have been affecting students resided on campus the Minister Panashe worked to ensure that the issue was sorted and maintain good health for all students. It can be said that the students at new site will not be facing neither water nor drainage problems anytime soon.

Adding on after a meeting with the students affairs department and administration the other issue of second year students having to pay full fees in order to get on campus accommodation for their new semester right after finishing their exams has been sorted and they can now get accommodation when they have paid half of the fees.

Reportedly the hostels cleaning staff didnt work on campus during weekends but negotiations for them to start doing so are under way with the students affairs and administration in order to ensure hygiene and avoid putting the health of the students at risk.

However, the ministers are aware that there are students who are facing challenges concerning accommodation and she is asking students to come forward. Concerning food items, the minister went on to insinuate there are plans for there to be more than one choice in the dining hall for students. This has been bought about by the knowledge that some students have special dietary needs and the just complaints being brought about the quality of the food and how spices are being mixed in with the food in an undesirable manner.

Even though some efforts are still underway it can be noted that there are now 3 different meals in the Dining hall and work is being done in order to ensure healthy diets and availability of choice in the food department. Furthermore, the food available on campus is still as affordable as it has been in previous years and there are plans to increase the quality and variety. It was also brought to light that the minister aspires to make food available once again across all four campuses at any given time.

We commend the minister on her efforts and we hope her undisclosed and disclosed efforts will be fruitful. Lastly the minister assured that all her silence will discontinue and that she will communicate with the students on issues concerning food and accommodation issues.

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