I am the shoulder that is waiting, the ear that can listen every detail, the heart that accepts how it is going and the mouth that speaks on your behalf. Your task is to draw closer to me as they say if you come a step towards me I will come two steps. I am worried about what you are going to eat, were you will sleep and how you will manage your day so I run around as I pressurize every department.

I am a mother who cares for and a father who fights for in one soul. I am a sister and a best friend you will never find. Call me the safe heaven and I find peace, I am just a call away. I am made of flesh but I thrive to be there when I am needed. I have given medication at the main campus clinic go there and you raise how I want you to stay healthy.

I can’t sleep with you having tears and you can’t share. They say the more you share the lesser the burden. How I feel happy as I see you with a sunny face, keep up like that so that I have a peaceful night. As I sleep your happiness, comfort, peace and all good cheers make me a better person. I swear with my heart I am just a call away.

Don’t let unnecessary things take you down. Together we can move mountains. Patiently I wait for you. Turn around and look at how we have made you special but you are looking for solution in the wrong places. We have the keys of places you think you can never unlock. We have full packages of whatever you need maybe you do not know us or you are just not sure if you can trust, we are genuine I swear with my life.

We are here for you. With our hands stretched out and our minds eager and waiting eagerly. We have been here all this while but you just didn’t notice. We do not discriminate we believe in togetherness and oneness. Come back home, we are waiting for you we never left but you did. I am a free therapy; I will help you through.

With whatever your soul thrives for. I am a team from the special population desk. am just ten digits away, have that in mind.

Contact me on 0775985536.

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