By Tinashe Mupanduki

One of the most stressful and cumbersome time in varsity for students is the assignment time. In most cases lecturers are in the habit of setting their due dates for submission on Monday mornings. They will be sincerely hoping that during weekends their students will be a bit free so they can focus on their work, which is a noble effort but to be frank for bhawa-rangers this only just hypothetical thinking. For the bhawa-rangers it is their holy day which school shall not desecrate and most of these free-spirited folks always have a way out and they submit on time. Balancing parties and schoolwork is a rather difficult task – almost impossible, but rest assured, come Mondays, all “bar ranger assignments are handed along with the rest of the class.

Bhawa-rangers have a plethora of ways to balance their club life and handing in of work and for most of them these tricks have developed into a habit or a norm. Although in the backs of their heads they know that they will be committing solemn academic offenses they still proceed, convincing themselves that they will do their assignments on time. For some of these colorful folks being fully aware of the repercussions and consequences, isn’t enough to dissuade them from treading on the edges and most of them end up successfully graduating with the multitude. Some club-affiliates especially the ladies pay other students who are in the business of doing assignments in exchange of money or other materialistic gifts.

Another is the borrow a page method, here the folks go to the campus assignments printing area and ask for a page from each classmate until they have enough pages to make up an assignment, theirs will only be the cover page. Surprisingly some end up scoring even higher marks. On the other hand, most of our high functioning people who actually do their work ahead of time and happen to have very high IQs coupled with time management skills that make their academic passage a phenomena akin to a miracle. These individuals can read anywhere to balance time, be it during inter- campus bus travel, walking to and from campus and odd hours of the morning.

Some of these people are insomniac due to their nocturnal habits and actually rarely need sleep during most days of the week so work ahead during these hours and some sacrifice distinctions opting for the gentleman’s mark in exchange for their hours of fun. Ways of balancing assignments and party life cannot be exhausted but the common ones are obviously the copy and paste method and the corpse method where students collect assignments and projects from previous colleagues who did the same modules.

Some donot even submit in time they negotiate for dates to be extended come handover time. On the flip side, clubbing cannot be an excuse for the imbalance between schoolwork and social. There is still a great multitude of college students who neither drink nor club but fail to hand in their assignments in time. Time management is a gift that is rare to find in tertiary institutions and its not as a result of drinking or not drinking. University life is a balancing act but let’s hope everyone gets to the graduation tent being a drinker or non-drinker.

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