Statement from the 2021 SRC PRESIDENT MALVIN ADAMS.

I understand that student representation, engagement and partnership have important role in improving the student experience and delivering an excellent education experience, hence, as the SRC we are fighting to bring back the R (which is REPRESENTING). Currently, we drive a powerhouse role as the SRC to assure a high quality student experience and to support student retention and success. We will stand guided by the principles of:

1.Student participation and partnership

2.Student engagement and representation on all university academic board and committees

3. A successful student representation policy that ensures that students are made aware of various outcomes.

I promise you, as the president I will do my very best to listen and ensure transparency. For long, Bindura university of science education was a name of distant deadline!…But now it is the destination of FULFILLED DEADLINES.

Let us get it done, together!! This is the time to deliver. This is the place to commit, and YES!!, there are still more obstacles but it is up to us to overcome them and forge on stronger than ever before. I base my confidence on the daily contacts with Ministers representing every individual, groups and campuses throughout Bindura University territories and beyond. I appreciate the trust and overwhelming support my fellow Ministers and the student body have granted to me. With your blessing, I have sworn to stand and protect my own famil, that is YOU!!, Bindura University students. Make no mistake, the student representative council is committed to maximum progress and to ensure successful and ambitious outcomes, to get the job perfectly done. Let Bindura University be remembered for the spirit of ‘C’, Constructiveness and Cooperation leading to Commitment and Consensus.

  1. I am you and you are me, we are One. God is love, and in God MEET we Trust.

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