It started the very day I became a young adult they name it that. But to me it’s the day I started hustles for survival. We depend on them because they take care of us, dont look at me my brother does the same. We have them all the male and the female they take care of us. The outside world calls them ‘blessers’ we no longer care we want to survive. At some point they thought they were only for me but later on my brother joined in the crew.

As we get ready after our long night of accompanying the ones who make us survive we attend lecture if it pleases them. At times we sleep the during the day as we’re not sure of what’s coming in the evening. During my slumber sleep my phone rings and quickly answer because it’s my roommate ” were is your print out assignment, today is the due date”. I scream out and run to my brother who I find unable to move because of what he has been smoking. An idea knocks in as I realize I need to pay someone who will work on our assignments

As the assignment is being done I rush to the campus to submit and obviously um sure it will work out. After the end of each semester my grades for coursework scares me but I take heart realizing I got it right. During the semester I see some of my colleagues going for the purity test I call it (HIV TEST). and they are satisfied with the outcome. I promised myself never to think of that place. Um not sure if I can have the ability to handle it. My brother is now known of how he has become the engine of infection. How will he tell mother? Mother has been looking up to her.

Even after knowing all this he doesn’t seem to amaze me as how he moves from one person to another with a snap. to me semester breaks are there for me to hustle I have never notified them at home. They will see me three weeks after my exams are over. During exam preparation it’s red bull after red bull, basically I tried every energy drink. I need to pass for the sake of mother who um sure will have questions. Father always appears before a new semester depositing our fees. And he clarifies that there’s nothing more he can do. Even there is need of top up he never turns to us. Brother tells me it’s the same his side. We know what we are doing is not right but we want to survive, we want to suit in. I always day dream how all could be normal.

Having it all on a silver platter. Doing my assignments in time, never stressing for what the future is. I ask myself in my dream did I choose this or it chose me. I calm myself but knowing that it’s done. But I want my siblings to know that the way that I chose is not right. The monster that attacks me during my sleep come even during the day. I cannot see the same happening to you. Do it your own way the right way.

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