The journey had and its still not easy for this young man, a writer with the goal to communicate with his audience through public speaking, writing books and articles with an aim to motivate the young and old.

In an interview yesterday with Tadiwanashe C Marengo, we flipped every page of his life as a motivator. Reading his work you might think it is a stroll in the park but behind the scenes he is a hard worker especially working for the money to copyright his books and also to compile work for the next motivation writing.

He is a person driven by his own statements “go against the odds and maximize their potential “he advised us. His work is as a result of Simbarashe Nyamadzawo the award winning author who motivates this man to keep on motivating others with his work.

Tadiwa wrote many books some were published and some still in the process of proof reading. Some of the published are Teach Me, forward prenuership, Yes you can etc. He is also the director of Buse chronicles, a fortnight newspaper which comes out every month end with the aim to deliver Buse accurate news and also promote young entrepreneurs.

The drive of having a newspaper is to ‘ensure a smooth flow of information on all Buse campuses’ he said. Currently he is working on a book called Faceless nation which is targeting Zimbabwe as a nation suggesting solutions to improve the economy and the dignity of Zimbabwe at large.

He is studying PG aiming to become a political commentator and analyst however he also said “student activism has been dropped off by the so called student activists as they are now getting help from the invisible hand up there,We have to talk about those issues but fear of abductions and arrests will limit us to talk more about it”. though he doesn’t take sides politically as he noted.

Apart from all this he is a leadership coach certified by international coaching and mentoring foundation, he also holds a masterclass in presentation skills. It takes commitment above all to be able to help others and like Tadiwa always say “Yes you can and you will”.

To get in touch with this young man to know more about his work use the following details (Instagram tadiechrismarengo ),(facebook Tadiwa Marengo),(Twitter Tadiwanashe Marengo zw),(email and (whatsapp 0774073651)

Article by Malvern F Dumbu

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