A minute with Nigel ‘POPS’ Mupoperi, a doyen of Zim-Music

DAI NGUVA, by Nigel Mupoperi aka Pops is a song that narrates a young man asking for forgiveness to his girlfried. The man sings emotionally, telling the girlfriend that if time could rewind he would give all his heart to the disappointed girlfriend.

The young man explains how much he appreciates the level at which he was given love by the ex girlfriend. A lot the young man could tell but there is something to note about the importance of time and what people expect when they are in love.

The man’s Dai Nguva song comprises of the lyrics which reads, “Our expectations in love will not always be a we wish. Some times we go through some painful moments and we cry, we do shade some tears.”

HANA INOONA is the latest song by Nigel Mupoperi aka “Pops.”
The song tells about the other view of love and this view on another angle as per how audience and people in general interprets the meaning of “love, ” may contradict with a common Shona phrase which says, Rudo ibofu (Love is blind).

According to the song writer and also to his view, he agrees that love is blind but the heart can see! Love is blind because people can fall in love substituting the knowledge of one’s background.

The song writer brings light to the world as he tells that the heart can see. Pops says “the heart can see because in most cases, people can try to destroy love between lovers but both may not be moved if they love whole heartedly” . It is a matter of heart’s choice for one to remain unshackable even if people talkes bad about the relationship one is having with the other. The heart is so much stubborn when it comes to contradictions against what the heart chooses to follow.

Going back to the Hana inoona song, the writer have got some lyrics which reads, ” painorova pane hukama. ” The lyrics have got a deeper meaning which the song writer describes as a natural feeling of love between a male and a female. It is usually witness by those who talkes about ” love at first sight .” Love at first sight is the natural attraction of love ehe people meet, that happens when both have something in common especially similar feelings towards having an affair.

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