The journey started on 18 November 2019 at exactly 1800hrs when, with staggering 1500 votes, I got the elective mandate to lead students as the SRC President. Never was i under any illusion that the Presidency would be easy.

I have always known it and I am absolutely convinced of it today that leadership is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion but a tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.

Upon assuming office, my cardinal pledge was to do the very best I knew how, the very best I could and meant to keep on doing so until the end. Our blue ocean advantage was the clarity of our road map and trajectory of taking students to the promised land. This involved: Structural reset and system overhaul. My administration was mentally up to task.

The first call of duty immediately after the election was to unite the students. I was as clear as I was emphatic when I stated it in my inaugural address that, ” Now that elections are behind us, let the word go forth from this time and place that there is no ZINASU student, there is no ZICOSU student, there is no SPP student, but there is BUSE student”. The thrust was to underwrite and scaffold the coming together of students and to go back to the common denominator of STUDENTS FIRST.

Every leader has a defining moment, and these are the times which test a leader’s resolve and commitment to duty, to which men either make history or history makes them. Beginning of the year 2020, in the wake of the world’s darkest hour when the Coronavirus-global-health-scare hard hit us, I confess plainly that it did not only desecrate our way of life but tested to the limit how we operate in a crisis.

But what defines us is our ability to see hope in the face of adversity!

As has always been true at all material times, fidelity to founding principles requires new solutions to new challenges, we manoeuvred. In spite of the unprecedented events, during my tenure we accomplished quite a number of projects, notably, the maiden introduction of the ZUPCO bus to ply offcampus routes, after myself, VP and SG together with our counterparts from other universities brokered a deal with Higher and Tertiary Education Minister, Prof Murwira to that effect.

We escalated the #FeesMustFall campaign when we took it to the August House and made submissions before the Parliamentary Higher and Tertiary Education Portfolio Committee.

We engaged other external stakeholders to further students interests, notably, foreign embassies.

Times without number, we played the big brother to deferring students through the timely intervention of the SRC.

Within the university, if they say upward correction is rebellion, then my job was to rebel and to always set the dog among the rabbits as we would always provide robust checks and balances to the administration.

As for accomplishments, there are too many we cannot put everything on paper, even though regarding certain things, we underscored and could have done better.
However, this is not important to focus our lenses on. But the point still ought to be made comrades that in all this, we did nothing short of our best.

Fast tracking, on 6 November 2020 I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Honors degree in Banking and Finance.

Moving forward, it’s a patriotic necessity that I join mainstream politics because if Joshua Nkomo was to rise, he would remind us that, “Zimbabwe will not die, the young people will save”. We are the one’s we have been waiting for.

The struggle continues unabated. Aluta Continua

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