ON CAMPUS Transport/Shuttle Daily Experience

Our campus lives are characterised by movement to and from different campuses , for different courses , but recently we have been facing challenges in our daily routine .Students particularly from the Mt Darwin campus are facing a rather difficult situation due to transport.

Although there is the provision of the ZUPCO bus which picks up students from the hostel area at different designated times . Despite the provision of this bus , it is not enough to encompass the number of students residing at the Mt Darwin compass, who commute to the Town and Astra campuses.

The issue of inconsistency in transport has also resulted in exposure to certain dangers like robbery to students, with one such incident – a commerce student was mugged on the way to main campus. This scenario would have been avoided had there been proper transportation or shuttles to transport one of such students.

In the process of acquiring our education, security remains one of the important topics to be addressed. During an interview with some students who reside in the Shashi area and at the Mt Darwin campus, they shared their concerns and views over the issue, and “safety” of students was repeated raised.

There was also talk of a time when we had our own Bindura University buses, student life was easire then . There was also a huge cry for the responsible authorities to address this issue with considerable action despite the economic challenges being faced.

Till the next issue on transport challenges and possible solutions, Stay Safe and Mask Up

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