1. To all the part 1.2 who have started their final examinations of the semester today and afterwards, GOODLUCK. We believe in you, dont let the fear of the unknown get the better of you. We all believe you will Excell!!!
All the best fellows🙏🏽

2. And also that the SRC has engaged the Students affairs division for a school bus to replace the ZUPCO BUSES as we all know that they are nolonger there for campus errands but the admin has only agreed for during the examinations period.
The first bus in the morning will be starting at FSE at 6:30 am taking students to the campuses they will be writing exams at. The second bus will take the Students from the campuses they wrote exams in the morning to the ones they will be writing in the afternoon at 12pm. Then the final bus will take the students from all campuses they will be writing exams at to the campuses they stay and at Town campus after 1630hrs.

3. The security team has also advised students to take care and to move from one place to the other in groups since artisanal miners are not going to work currently. Also the students should musk up, maintain social distance and work hard in their studies for equanimity.

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