BUSE: Free Pad on campus Campaign

The Flamboyant STUDENTS AGAINST GENDER GAP founder Tinashe Kendrick Chapata and the Flamboyant Student Activist Tadiwanashe Marengo have joined hands together with Sacha Chinomungu and the SRC MINISTER OF SPECIAL POPULATIONS Pamela Mapeto to launch a FREE PAD ON-CAMPUS CAMPAIGN at BINDURA UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE EDUCATION.

The Sanitary Pads Campaign is a student thought initiative brought about to make a better life for girls putting into consideration the economical setup, financial imbalance and menstrual health issues on Campus. Just like condoms are readily available on Campus, so should pads be to every girl child. As the Kenyan Proverb postulates, “Teeth that are together help each other in chewing food,” therefore as Students who stand together with our sisters, let’s all gift a pad to promote safe periods on-campus. The Campaign is aimed at providing a conducive environment for women beyond needs and end stigma revolving around lack of sanitary wear.

VISION: To be a community where equality, safety and reproductive freedom is attained and development opportunities to access free sanitary wear on-campus are provided.

MISSION: To provide free pads at Bindura University Campus with the mantra of Stopping leakage, thus improving lives and menstrual health awareness.

For donations contact 0774073651(Tadiwanashe Marengo)

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