Collective participation in Decision making

To all intents and purposes, the fact can not be masked that politics is not just about power, plunder and activism as is narrowly perceived by many, it is keeping ourselves informed, deducing every situation to the tiniest detail , it is awareness. And to bode well with constitutional democracies, periodically it involves vote casting. Politics is a convenient tool through which we can structure ourselves as groups and societies.

Politics governs every aspect of life, and needless to be mentioned, every human being is a political animal. Informed by this sobering assessment, it is thus imperative to infer that non-participation in politics is simply and squarely willful perpetuation of your plight, because as has always been true at all material times, you cannot change what you avoid. Change requires more than righteous anger. It requires a program, and it requires political organizing.

Calculating down to millimeters, the need is forever before us to habituate people at an early age regarding the fundamentals of decision making and toiling for your sa.

Every family is a mini-political set-up with dictatorial tendencies as per the dictates of culture because parents impose decisions that affect all members of the family while the kids have very little say. Similarly political office bearers make decisions on behalf of the citizenry as per the tenets of the social contract

Be that as it may, as charity begins at home, in the same vehicle of thought, objective decision making begins at home, thus, it is my bona-fide standpoint and proposal  that the FAMILY as an institution must embrace intra democratic consultations if the hopes of raising a new generation of critical thinkers and objective decision makers is to be achieved. Catch them young

Tadiwanashe Marengo



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