Speech by Tadiwanashe Marengo at the world Tourism Day representing BUSE STUDENTS.

Speech title: Tourism for inclusive growth

Tourism has always been one of our economy’s mainstay but however being as good as it might be the benefits obtained where just a fraction to the potential benefits that can be obtained.

As young people of Zimbabwe we call for inclusive development in this sector, we believe our Tourism sector can become greater if this is done . This is an age of science and Innovation and for that technology should be taken advantage of in marketing and many other things to do with the development of this marvellous sector of our economy.

There are more untamed zones of Tourism which are yet to be developed in our Country for instance Historical Tourism, these untamed areas should be fully utilized especially with the amazing ICT marketing of these places and their amazing stories will be far much easier to do. The time for narrations about potentiality are now behind us, this is a time for execution of ideas. The Vision 2030 shall be achieved by people who walk their talk

There hasn’t been any more time better than now for the inclusion of all people in working torwads development of our Tourism sector, as the old African proverb says ‘if you want to go fast go alone and if you want to go far go together, we shall indeed go together far yonder our wildest imagination.


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